This Site Had Posted Approximately 2,807 Videos To Its Youtube Channel That Were Viewed By 30 Million Users In 217 Countries.

Computer-drawn personas, on the other hand, not only can be created in real time and at relatively low costs, but they can be updated quickly as economic conditions and demographics continue to change. The researchers developed algorithms to analyze data, such as demographic information, topics of interest and customer interactions, from 188,000 subscribers of a news website. The data included the subscribers' YouTube profiles, which included demographic information such as gender, age and country location, and their interactions with videos on the site, such as the topics of videos watched by the users. This site had posted approximately 2,807 videos to its YouTube channel that were viewed by 30 million users in 217 countries. The algorithms then identified unique ways that groups of people were interacting with the information, in this case, news videos. News site editors could use this information to better collect and target content to these audiences, said Jansen, who worked with Haewoon Kwak, research scientist and Jisun An, postdoctoral researcher, both of Qatar Computing Research Institute, Hamad Bin Khalifa University. "Journalists want to have a better understanding of just who their actual users are," said Jansen. "They can use that information to reach readers with better titles, content and article framing." While the researchers used news and information in this study, the technology could be applied to other types of consumer klicka här transactions, according to the researchers, who presented their findings on Dec. 2 at the Second International Workshop on Online Social Networks Technologies held in Agadir, Morocco. "The method is transferrable to other domains," said Jansen. "It could work at any consumer touchpoint - any place where we can see what the consumers are buying or what they are viewing before they buy and then tie it back to some demographics." Jansen said the technology is also scalable and could use other types of social media to analyze consumer behavior and create marketing personas.

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